NEW Structuring Food for Health Cluster


Current research is focussed on the behaviour of colloidal and polymeric food structures in the gastrointestinal tract.


Who Attends?

Clinical science community; health advisors; retailers; food manufacturing industry; companies seeking to breed new varieties of fruit & vegetables with added health benefits.


Our research is at the interface between physics, chemistry and biology to addresses food and health issues, through application of a range of model systems and mathematical modelling.

It will provide knowledge for the development of food structures with enhanced nutritional and functional properties that will underpin innovation within the commercial food sector to develop ‘healthier’ foods. 

For example, we are investigating how food structure determines the rate of digestion, which in turn affects nutrient transport and subsequent absorption.

This will lead to foods with structures that will enhance uptake of beneficial nutrients and delay the digestion of other nutrients to control physiological responses such as glycaemic load and satiety.

Skills Base

The Structuring Food for Health Cluster draws on its expertise in:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Food Science
  • Model systems
  • Mathematical modelling


Workshops to inform industry about the nature of our research on understanding how food structure controls the release of  beneficial nutrients; delaying digestion of other nutrients to control factors such as glycaemic response and satiety.

Meeting/Event Proceedings:

Cluster Meeting/Event Proceedings for past and present events are available on secure Members' only area of FHN Website:

Cluster Leaders:

Prof Peter Wilde

Pete Wilde

Dr Alan Mackie

Alan Mackie


Cluster Co-ordinator:

Mike Ridout

Mike Ridout


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